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by Elizebeth Gidley
About Me

Welcome, I’m Elizebeth! I started this blog in 2018 to help wives and mommies in the trenches of their everyday lives. Whether that is figuring out how to better your marriage, friendships, mothering, yourself and relationship with Jesus.

Whether you’re a tired or energized mommy, new or experienced wife, a young or mature Christian, I believe I have something to share with you. There’s hope in Jesus in all of our circumstances. There’s wisdom that He freely gives to help us navigate through every aspect of our lives. I’m just here to share the wisdom that I’ve prayed desperately for, and thank God for everyday. Let me help you see that there is a spiritual side to all that we do and experience in life, including the mundane and hard times.

I am a Jesus loving army wife currently stationed in Germany. I’m a stay at home mommy of three home schooled toddlers, that travel with my husband and me on all of our journeys throughout the world.

My background

I grew up in Washington state, in an environment that I can really only describe as evil. My mother and father separated when I was four and my mother brought home a boyfriend that violently abused my siblings and me daily for seven years. In those seven years, despite all that was happening, I found and came to Jesus when I was eight years old. But knowing very little about my savior, I thought that since He saved me from my sins, that He would also immediately save me from my situation. But He didn’t, which made me turn my back on God for many, many years. When our abuser was finally removed from our house, my mother found another man to make our lives miserable until I finally moved out when I was seventeen. There are so many hardships that formed who I am today, but I can undoubtedly look back and see how God was always there with me. Whether it was an escape to my grandmother’s for the summer, or a friend’s loving mom, He always brought joy into the chaos of my home life. I learned how to survive and rise above my circumstances and to make something out of nothing. It’s by the grace of God I am who I am today. When I was nineteen, I rededicated my life to Christ and have never turned away since. It was the second best decision I made in my life, next to giving my life to God in the first place. He’s turned me away from being an angry, hurtful teenager, to a loving mom and wife. He’s guided me through forgiveness and learning how to be to my children what my mother could never be to me. When I don’t have an example to look back on, I ask for His wisdom. In a sense, I guess it’s better to come into marriage and mothering with few good examples to draw from, because I get to draw from the One who created us and knows best.

Where I am now

Currently, I live in Germany with my husband of eight years and three children. We have been fortunate enough to have been stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado and Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. I am a stay at home mommy that home schools all three of my little ones. We love traveling around Europe and bringing our children along for the adventure. I have an insane list of goals that I am trying to accomplish throughout my life so my blog will include all my endeavors, hopefully helping you to achieve some of your goals too. My most recent was learning how to sew. I’m trying hard to model a proverbs 31 wife and mommy, it’s at the top of my list of goals. I always want to be further in my growth as a daughter of Jesus, wife, mommy and friend. I’m constantly learning, growing and changing. I may be completely over ambitious at times with too much on my plate but I just refuse to stay stagnant in life. There’s always room for improvement.

There was a day when a friend’s husband asked me “What do you even do all day?” it made me chuckle. I pointed to my schedule on the wall and said, “All of that plus a-z.” His wife apologized, but I told her not to. It’s common that society thinks of stay at home mommies as people who sit down and binge watch Netflix all day. Maybe I can change the common misconceptions of a stay at home mommy(SAHM). We have high value and worth. What we do is unique, our job is to raise tiny humans into productive adults that bring new value into our world and our lives. They may be a CEO, the president, another stay at home mommy, or a missionary. Different titles, endless possibilities, yet each come with high value. This isn’t just a look into my life, but a look into the common life of a SAHM. We all do things differently but we have one end goal, that the children that are in our home are well loved and well raised.

Since my whole world is wrapped up in my family, I figure I should introduce them to you.

Beauty of Selah Alexander Cameron Sarai

Beauty of Selah Tj holding Sarai

My husband’s name is TJ. He’s currently a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army. He loves Jesus, his family and sports. He’s a die-hard Seahawks fan. He came from nothing, and learned how to rise above the brokenness of his past. He gave his life to Jesus in 2008. He is my puzzle piece. Completely different from me-calm, cool and collected. He brings peace in the storm that is me. We use our strengths to build each other’s weaknesses. My world can be falling apart and a hug from him can give me the solace that I need. We’ve been married for 8 years. And this might be a cliche but I’ll say it anyways, we aren’t perfect but I’m sure we are perfect for each other.

 Beauty of Selah Alexander

My oldest son is Alexander. He’s the answer to so many prayers. Before he was born we had tried for two years and lost two babies. He made me realize that I could be a mom, and a good one at that. I call him my intellectual child. I had to start homeschooling him when he was three because if he wouldn’t have learned from me, he would figure out a way to learn on his own. He’s been blowing my mind ever since he started speaking full sentences before he turned two. He loves attention and doesn’t care for affection. His mind is always going a million miles a minute and I’m just trying to help guide him through all his wonderful thoughts. He’s an amazing older brother, a protector and a natural leader. Give him a moment and he’ll be happy to teach you anything he knows.

 Beauty of Selah Cameron

Cameron is my sweet middle child. He’s been a cuddler since birth and his eyes can make me say yes to almost anything. There’s something special about Cameron’s innocence that I feel so inclined to protect, its inexplicable. Cameron has been my hardest child. I almost lost my life giving birth to him, and he seems to always be on what seems like a never ending quest for death. Ever since he could walk, he would run away from us. My pride of not being a “leash” mom has definitely not been in my favor. Cameron has always been one to let go of a hand and run straight for traffic, on top of being accident prone. There were days where I was scared to let him out of my lap because he would trip and fall so much. I’m surprised I don’t have grey hairs yet. I recently found out he has what’s called “glue ear” which explains a lot of what’s going on with him. He’s currently awaiting surgery to resolve it. We call him “Bam-Bam-Cam”, he is so wild yet so incredibly sweet. He loves sharing and making people happy.


Beauty of Selah Sarai

My little baby Sarai is what I could call my unicorn child. I always thought I would be a mom of boys. Deep down, I longed for a daughter, someone I could share my “woman wisdom” with. Someone I could play ponies with and get a doll house for. But ever since my pregnancy with Alexander, I always thought I would be a boy mom, not that I had a problem with it. I would be happy with any child God gave us. But when I found out Sarai was a girl, I felt like God was answering to my innermost being, a prayer I never whispered but always longed for. I call her my pterodactyl. She’s always had two voices, a sweet baby voice and a raspy deep dino voice. She’s only 17 months old but she seems to be the absolute sweetest little girl. She was my hardest pregnancy, yet my easiest baby. She never cried, never whined…unless she was hungry. As we traveled through the states in 2017 it was as if she wasn’t there except to add cuteness and giggles. On my hard days, she’s my ray of light. Her laugh could turn anyone’s day around. She loves music and dancing and being happy. I cannot wait to see her more of her little personality.

My goals

My goal with my children is for them to know that they are loved. Loved by Jesus, and by their parents. I hope they one day know the hope that we have in Christ. That it lives and breathes throughout every house we live in. I hope they hear Him in our conversations, and feel Him in their darkest moments. I want them to grow up and remember how much their parents clung to the cross of Christ and that their parent’s marriage was a cord made of three strands. Hopefully we set an example that they want to model when they have homes of their own, but at the same time they try hard to perfect the mistakes that we make in our home. I want them to look back and smile at their childhood with memories full of joy and laughter, and when they remember moments of sadness that they were comforted with our love.
I want my marriage to be rock solid. I believe that marriage isn’t something that you stay stagnant in but that you should constantly strive to improve it. I want my marriage to be an example to our children of how Christ loves the church. I hope that the memory of how Tj and I love each other can be drawn upon in my children’s marriages,  and their children’s.
I want to show the love of Jesus in all of my relationships. Without judgement. Without compromise to who I have become in Christ. I’m refused to be the bible pushing friend, I just want to be the Christ loving friend. I hope that when my friends see me, they see Jesus.
I hope to show my readers how they can also strive for this in their homes by giving you practical advice. You’ll get a look into our lives and what I do in our everyday life to try to make a difference and lasting impression in all of my relationships. I hope its obvious that Christ is the foundation in our home, and if He isn’t in yours, I hope to show you how to get Him there.
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