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Want to simplify your blog processes at my cheapest price?

Quit the guesswork.
Stop wasting time.
Have a process.

Are you sick of having to go back and redo something because you missed a step? 

Let me show you how to put your blog processes in Trello.

But HURRY, this offer only lasts 15 minutes.

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What happens when you streamline?
You save time.

  • Stop asking yourself what the next step is. You've already put it in Trello.
  • Stop asking if you're doing it the right way, you are.
  • Just stop it, it's taken care of.

What will you gain from this course?

I'll show you how to create 5 processes in Trello. And once you get a hang of it, you'll put everything else you know in Trello too.  
What's that saying, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll be fed for life?"
That's what I'm doing here. 
Why would I give it all away? 
Because everyone needs to be organized.
Without it, time is wasted, steps get missed and chaos ensues.

Create Your Blog Post Workflow

Let me show you how to create your own workflow in Trello. 

Everyone blogs differently and has their own steps, I'm not going to make you conform to mine, I'm going to show you how to add yours.

Create  your Promotion Workflow

Writing content is only a fraction of the work right? We have to get eyes on our content, there's a workflow for that. 

Let me show you how to create your own workflow that you can follow every time you publish.

Create your Pinterest Workflow

Are there holes in your strategy because you just keep forgetting?

Have you learned a bunch of Pinterest info but never apply it because you don't know how to fit it into your workflow? 

I've got you covered.

Create your SEO checklist

No, this isn't an SEO course.

But if you have an SEO process, it can be streamlined and put into  a checklist that fits neatly in each of your blog posts. 

Let's simplify it.

Create your Monthly Email Process

Do you have a plan for your email list?

You should.

Let me help you brainstorm what should be in your email workflow.


This course comes with a FREE Trello board with ALL the processes we discuss that you can customize to fit your workflows. 

Don't know how to use Trello? Let me show you how 

Streamling & Simplifying is as easy as 1...2...Trello.

I'll walk you through creating it...you can take the reigns and be free of frustration.

Grab it before the offer expires!

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