Your Blog Resources: Organized.

Organized Resources Mastering Your Bookmarks for Blog Productivity

Organized Resources:
Mastering your Bookmarks for Ultimate Blog Productivity

Have you ever wasted time looking for something you saved to your bookmarks wishing you were more organized?

Or thought to yourself, "I bet this information is out there for free somewhere so I don't have to pay for a course."

Do you spend time signing up for resource libraries and then never access them because you have no where to put them?

Do you sign up for courses, and then waste even more time trying to get back to them because the link is lost somewhere on your computer?

Then you need to ORGANIZE your resources!
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Whats in the course?

  • This course will walk you step by step how to organize ALL of your online resources through your bookmarks. 
  • Stop guessing and gain access to the best free and paid resources in the blogging community. I'll give you access to loads of hidden gem links.  
  • BONUS VIDEO: How to organize your offline resources! 

The course will teach you:

  • How to Set up:
  •  a “Check Everyday” Folder of common links you check daily
  • A stat Folder to check yours and other bloggers stats
  • A graphics folder with links to where to make the best graphics
  • A “Title Making” folder for Keyword Research and more
  • How to organize ALL your course links
  • How to organize ALL your affiliates + links to the best ones!
  • PLUS links that you need to have bookmarked- what I call my golden links that give you free information to what you thought you had to pay for.

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Organized Resources Mastering Your Bookmarks for Blog Productivity